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China slowdown knocks Bordeaux wine exports in 2013 realeases numbers that show important key statistics for Bordeaux sales.
A new restraint towards fine wine in China was largely responsible for a drop in Bordeaux exports last year, according to new figures released by the CIVB.  Bordeaux’s wine council, the CIVB, said wine exports to China dropped by 16% in volume and 18% in value last year, a drop […]

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Big Wine tightened its grip on the U.S. market in 2013 investigates the big wine companies in the US.
Big Wine tightened its grip on the U.S market in 2013, with new figures showing that three companies accounted for more than three-quarters of all the wine produced during those 12 months. E&J Gallo, The Wine Group, and Constellation Wines totalled some 287.5 million cases of the 370 million, up from slightly […]

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Could this be the next big thing in wine making?
Bringing together Silicon Valley technology and Napa Valley wine expertise, The Miracle Machine is the world’s first affordable accelerated winemaking device for the home that reproduces great wine with minimal effort and within days. Designed as a table top appliance, and built using […]

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Trade Deal Could Help Imports for European Wines

The thrill of discovering that uncommon Belgian ale or obscure Spanish red wine on the shelves of your corner liquor store probably brought you a bit of cheer this holiday season.

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But soon, your selection of European beers and wines could be expanded to include even more exotic beverages — thanks in part to a massive trade deal […]

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There’s no global wine shortage

Felix Salmon, of, recently wrote about how Morgan Stanley tweeked their charts just enough to start a rumor that a Wine Shortage is among us.
Have you heard about the global wine shortage? Of course you have: it’s been covered in pretty much every media outlet imaginable, but Roberto Ferdman’s piece for Quartz (“A global wine shortage could soon be upon us”) was one […]

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The World’s Vintners Will Soon Struggle To Quench China’s Rapidly Growing Thirst For Wine

Some takeaways from the report:

Chinese wine consumption has doubled twice in the last 5 years.
Domestic production has increased 4x over the past 10 years to try to meet it. China is now the fifth largest producer of wine.
Total consumption will nearly double by 2016 to 400 million unit cases. That would make China the largest global wine consumer. “Further import […]

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Global Wine Alliance at C-Suite Quarterly Event in Los Angeles

Chris Fotinos, President of Global Wine Alliance, was joined by Armando Galan (Brix Wines), and Jason Carignan at the CSQ event in Los Angeles.  The event was celebrating the 5th anniversary of C-Suite Quarterly.

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China Opens Investigation of EU Wine Imports

According to, China said it started anti-dumping and anti-subsidy probes on wines imported from the European Union following a request from domestic producers. The probe, which started yesterday, will include investigations of subsidies for EU wines given in 2012 and the impact on China’s wine industry between January 2009 and the end of last year, the Ministry of Commerce […]

By |July 23rd, 2013|Wine News| Comments provides Grocery Store Data has put together a set of beautiful images that show which grocery store chain is in your  geographic area.  If your winery is thinking of going into retail distribution in Grocery Stores, this data will help you decide which ones to target first.

Contact one of our sales agents for further information on US distribution.

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E. & J. Gallo and Constellation Wines continue to dominate the top 20 wine brands

San Rafael, Calif.—Winery giants E. & J. Gallo and Constellation Wines dominated the top 20 wine brands selling off-premise through May, according to market research firm IRI with analysis by Wines & Vines. Each of the industry giants claim five brands in the top 20. Gallo clearly led the pack in 52-week sales with $678 million collectively among five labels, […]

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